Thanks for visiting my game room on the web.  As time permits, I'll add pictures and other information about some of the games that I have in my collection.  There are also pages dedicated to special projects and events, so check the list of items on the left side of every page.  If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, please let me know.

  What's new?

New sound files for Allied Leisure F-114
New sound files for Sega Helicopter
New sounds for Bonanza and Coney Island Rifle
Zoltan Speaks!
New Pinball Expo 05 video gallery page
Some MIDI files for your consideration...
New sounds for Sea Rescue
New sounds for Atari's Triple Hunt
New sound file for Junkyard crane
Improved sounds files for Haunted House
New sound files for Peppy the Clown
New sound files for Sega Grand National
New sound files for Twin Pirate, Gangbusters and Dune Buggy
New pinball page: Removing swirl marks with Magic Erasers
Now hosting Greg Swann's System 80 U2/U3 2532 Conversion Info



The Pinball section has pages for a number of pinball machines, plus more tech and restoration info

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Video Games

Not much going on in this section for now.  Look for pages soon on classic video games  like Computer Space, Lunar Lander and Space War.

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EM Arcade Games

The main thing here is the 8-Track Audio Project - an effort to permanently archive restored audio samples from arcade games that used obsolete tape cartridges for sound effects and music.

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Juke Boxes

Just a few pictures right now.

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Other Gameroom Items

Neon, clocks, trade stimulators, punchboards, and anything that could go in a gameroom that doesn't fit into the categories will go here.

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Picture Galleries

Rye Playland, Winter 2004

Gene Cunningham's May 2001 auction  
in Bloomington, IL

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Most pictures on this site are backed up with high-resolution images (1024x768 or larger).
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