This project started out as a solo effort to collect as much information as I could about this often-neglected area of coin-op collecting.  I quickly discovered that there were many more games with tape deck sound that I personally had access to, and that there were many people willing to help me with tidbits of information, factory documentation, and even the loan of original tapes.  I'd like to offer my thanks to all of those who have helped me with this project in the past, and to offer my thanks in advance to those that may help me in the future.  The list below acknowledges some of the contributors.

John Gray

Sven Mathijs

Pete Rogers

John Robertson -

Randy Peck (email: randy [at] thepecks [dot] com)

Clay Harrell

Tim Arnold

Kevin McHugh

Arnold Chase

Richard Grande

Joseph "Tony" Dziedzic

George Kelly

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