Sega Helicopter

Sega Helicopter is a version of the Whirlybird helicopter flying game, where the goal is to precision-fly an actual model helicopter and score points by landing upon or touching the specified target.

Whirlybird did not use a tape player for sound effects, while Chopper, its more advanced successor, used an 8-track player for both helicopter sounds as well as speech and sounds effects.  Sega Helicopter also has an 8-track player, but it is used only for generating helicopter engine and rotor sound effects.  However, the Sega game does something clever - they change the speed of the tape player to roughly correspond to the throttle setting of the model helicopter.

John Robertson of John's Jukes has sent me many files for these games, including this one.  However, the tape player and the original tape were in pretty bad shape, sounding something like this:

 Original Helicopter Sound Effect (1:15 duration, 64 kbps, 588 Kbytes)

So rather than try to restore the original sound effect, I found another basic helicopter rotor sound effect:

 New Helicopter Sound Effect (0:03 duration, 128 kbps, 50 Kbytes)

Then I lengthened the sound by repeating the clip, and then I added a slight flanging effect so that the sound was not as repetitious. The final 30 second MP3 file is here:

 Complete Helicopter Sound Effect (0:30 duration, 128 kbps, 482 Kbytes)



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