Midway Sea Rescue

Midway's Sea Rescue is a dual-joystick flying game similar in layout to Stunt Pilot and sounds similar to Chopper.  You maneuver a ghostly helicopter to the indicated target to rescue the victims from the "sea".  Sea Rescue uses a stereo 8-track player to play back two specific audio tracks.  The left channel has a steady helicopter engine and rotor sound effect.  The right channel is more interesting.  In addition to wind, horn and other sound effects, there's dramatic background music and occasional cries for help from the "victims", such as "Head for the raft" and "I'm down here, dummy!"

The audio file below contains all of the speech and effects from the original tape.  It's 2:20 long, recorded here as a 44.1 kHz sample rate 128 kbps MP3 file.

 Track  Content
 All  [L]: helicopter, [R]: sound effects & speech (2:20 duration, 128 kbps stereo, 2.19 Mbytes)

You can now purchase newly-recorded 8-track tapes for Sea Rescue from Pinball Pal.

Thanks to Peter Rogers for the Sea Raider pictures


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