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New sound files for Allied Leisure F-114
New sound files for Sega Helicopter
New sounds for Bonanza and Coney Island Rifle
Zoltan Speaks!
Some MIDI files for your consideration...
New sounds for Sea Rescue
New sounds for Atari's Triple Hunt
New sound file for Junkyard crane
Improved sounds files for Haunted House
New sound files for Peppy The Clown
New sound files for Sega Grand National
New sound files for Twin Pirate, Gangbusters and Dune Buggy
New sound file for Bimbo the Clown puppet game


Sound has always been an important part of arcade games.  Electromechanical pinball machines were limited to bells and chimes, which were fine for the intended application - to indicate when targets were hit and game objectives were met.  But for other games, especially the EM "reality" games, the manufacturers were hard-pressed to come up with something to enhance the realism of the game.  So, some games of that era had tape players installed to play specially-recorded sound effects and/or background sounds and music to accompany the game play.  Needless to say, after thirty or more years, it's almost impossible to find one of these games with a fully functional sound system.  Even if the tape player and cartridge haven't already been "liberated" from the game, they are probably in very bad shape.  

One of my goals is to be able to archive all of the tape cartridges that were installed in these games.  I only have direct access to a handful of these games so the only way that this project will work is with the cooperation of other collectors/hobbyists.  I offer my sincere thanks to those that have already helped with this project.  I am posting high-resolution MP3 files of any tapes that I am able to archive, and for a fee I can make copies of these cartridges onto NOS 8-track cartridges.  Down the road, I'm planning on making a solid-state replacement for the entire tape player/cartridge system.  This will be either Flash ROM or EPROM based and has the obvious advantage of never wearing out or requiring any maintenance.

Games Using Tape Cartridges

Here's a rundown of all of the games that use tape cartridges that I currently know about.  If you know of any others, I would appreciate hearing about them.

The Tape Player ID page can help you identify the different cartridge players used in these games.

Some of the tapes are simply used for background music and/or sound effects.  Others had audio tracks dedicated to particular game functions.  For example, the Wild Kingdom tape just has the same jungle sound effects on every track.  But the Haunted House gun game has four discrete audio tracks: one for the background and the other three for specific target sounds.  The charts below will indicate whether each tape has background sounds only.  It's much less critical to have the correct tape when it's only used for background sounds.  In some cases (particularly with Chicago Coin gun games), 8-track sound was a factory option.  So if you have one of those games and there is no sign of an original tape player, it may be able to accept almost any standard 8-track player.  Also, some Chicago Coin gun games offered an optional 8-track player but did not include a tape.  They expected the operator to supply a pre-recorded 8-track with whatever music they wished.  The flyer for Funland put it this way: "Musical background can be changed to fit the mood of its locale".  That's one way to solve the problem...  Games that had no factory-supplied tape will have "Customer-supplied" noted in the "Tape" column of the charts below.

Gun Games Driving Games Other Games No Tape Mysteries

Gun Games

Game Mfgr Tape Background
New Tapes
 Big Top Twin Rifle Gallery  CCM  8-Track    Pending  Soon
 Bonanza  WMS  Muntz 4-track  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Coney Island Rifle  CCM  8-Track  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Dynamite Joe (video gun)  MDR  8-track  Yes  Pending  
 Flying Carpet  MWY  Captive tape loop  No  No   
 Flying Ducks  CCM  8-Track  No  Pending  Soon
 Funland  CCM  Customer-supplied  Yes  N/A  N/A
 Haunted House  MWY  Custom 8-track  No  Yes  Yes  
 Gangbusters  MWY  Custom 8-Track  No  Yes    Yes  
 One Million B.C. (note)  MWY  8-Track    No  
 Safari  CCM  8-Track  Yes  No  
 Shoot Out  CCM  8-Track  No  Yes   Yes  
 Sportsman  MWY  Custom 8-Track  No  No  
 Super Circus Rifle Gallery  CCM  8-track    No  
 Twin Pirate  MWY  8-Track  Yes  Yes   Yes
 Twin Rifle  CCM  Customer-supplied  Yes  No   
 Twin Skeet Shoot  CCM  8-Track  Yes  No  
 Wild Kingdom  MWY  8-track  Yes  Yes  Yes  
 Triple Hunt (see note)  ATA  8-track  Yes  Yes   Yes
 any others?          


note: Atari's Triple Hunt was a two-piece gun game with a black and white video screen and a separate pedestal for the rifle platform.  The operator could choose among three different game configurations:  Witch Hunt, Hit the Bear and Raccoon Hunt.  Each game had different targets and backgrounds.  The game had an 8-track player for sound effects, and two different 8-tracks were included: one tape for Witch Hunt and the other for Hit the Bear and Raccoon Hunt.  The 8-track sounds were simply for background sounds.  The rifle shot and target hit sounds were generated by the microprocessor controlling the game.

Driving Games

Game Mfgr Tape Background
New Tapes
 Auto Race  CCM  8-Track  Yes  Pending  Soon
 Drag Races  ALI  8-Track  No  Pending  Soon
 Drivemaster  CCM  Playtape  Yes  Yes  No
 Dune Buggy  MWY  8-Track  Yes  Yes    Yes  
 Spin Out  ALI  8-Track    Pending  Soon
 any others?          

Other Games

Game Mfgr Tape Background
New Tapes
 F-114 (flying/shooting)  ALI  8-Track  Yes  Yes  soon
 Sega Helicopter  Sega  8-Track  Yes  Yes    soon
 Grand National (horse race)  Sega  8-Track  No  Yes  Yes
 Dozer (bulldozer)  AME  8-Track  No  Pending  Soon
 Chopper (helicopter)  MWY  8-Track  No  Yes   Yes  
 Peppy The Clown (puppet)  WMS  Proprietary cart  No  Yes  No
 Night Rider  Sega  8-track  Yes  No  
 Bimbo 3 Ring Circus (puppet)  UBI  Modified 8-Track  No  Yes  Soon
 Mini Baseball  CCM  8-Track    No  
 Turf Club (horse race)  CCM  8-Track    Pending  
 Sea Rescue (flying)  MWY  8-Track  No  Yes    Yes
 Flash Baseball (pitch & bat)  MWY  8-Track (opt.)  Yes  No   
 Zoltan (fortuneteller)  PHP  Proprietary cart  No  Yes  No
 Junkyard Crane (um, crane)  AME  8-Track    Yes    Yes  
 Fonz (video game)  Sega  8-Track  Yes  No  
 NATO Defense (video game)  PNM  Cassette    Pending  
 Thief (video game)  PNM  Unknown tape loop    No  
 Journey (video game)  BLY/MWY  Cassette loop  No  Pending  
 Two Tigers (video game)  BLY/MWY  8-Track  No  No  
 Space Flight  BLY  8-track  No  Pending  
 any others?          

Games that Don't Have Tape Players

Here's a brief list of games that, as far as I know, never had a tape cartridge player installed at the factory.  An 8-track player was a factory option for some of the Chicago Coin games, so not every game that supported a tape player was actually shipped with one.  I'm providing the list below for two reasons.  First, to define which games are part of this project, and second to invite you to make any corrections or additions to this list by commenting here.

If you have a tape player and don't know what game it's from, or suspect that the player that you have is not the right one, check out the Tape Player ID page.


Game Mfgr Type
 Speedway  CCM  Driving
 Motorcycle  CCM  Driving
 Apollo Moon Shot  CCM  Gun
 Commando Machine Gun  CCM   Gun
 Sharp Shooter  CCM  Gun
 Defender Machine Gun  CCM  Gun
 Rifle Gallery  CCM  Gun
 Sea Wolf  MWY  Submarine
 Sea Wolf II  MWY  Submarine
 Whirlybird  UNT  Helicopter
 any others?    


Here are some cases of missing or conflicting information.  If you can help solve any of these mysteries, or have another one to add, please comment here.
The mystery surrounding the Williams Bonanza gun game has been solved.  Bonanza uses a Muntz 4-track player.  These pre-dated 8-track players, and were the brainchild of Earl "Madman" Muntz.  The tape is used for background music only.  Check the gun game chart above for more info and links.  An MP3 is available.
Midway's One Million B.C. gun game:  I've gotten a report that there is no place inside the game to mount an 8-track player, but there are also game listings that show that the game does have one.
I have a tape cartridge labeled with just a part number.  The part number is: 09-0030-B.  The cartridge needs to be rebuilt so I haven't had a chance to play it and see what kind of sounds are on the tape.

Key to manufacturers
 ALI  Allied Leisure Industries
 AME  Americoin
 ATA  Atari
 BLY  Bally
 CCM  Chicago Coin Manufacturing
 KEE  Kee Games (Atari)
 MDR  Model Racing (Italy)
 MWY  Midway
 PHP  Prophetron
 PNM  Pacific Novelty Manufacturing Co.
 UBI  United Billiards, Inc  (Union, NJ)
 UNT  United
 WMS  Williams


MIDI files for your consideration...

Some Chicago Coin gun games had an optional 8-track player for background but the factory did not provide a tape.  It was expected that the operator would select the background music (presumably an 8-track tape of popular music that he thought appropriate).  Obviously, current owners can do the same, choosing from the millions of unwanted 8-track tapes out there, often for fire sale prices.

But it would be nice to have a selection of music that is more appropriate to the theme of the game.  Many of those games have circus or carnival themes, so below I have links to some MIDI files which might work.  I would appreciate your feedback on any of these.  You could of course make your own 8-track from these sound files if you have the necessary 8-track recording equipment, or I may make these tapes available through Pinball Pal.  If there's a consensus on which tunes are appropriate, I could set up a tape with all of the chosen tunes playing in sequence.

Here is a sampling of MIDI files that I have found, which I believe to  be in the public domain.  If you have any other MIDI or MP3 files that you think would fit this category that you are willing to share, please get in touch with me.

Kid's tune:  Polly Wolly Doodle
Merry-go-Round Broken Down
The Man on the Flying Trapeze
GREAT band organ music #1
More band organ music #2 here and #3 here

There are a bunch more old music MIDI files at  Happy hunting.

And thanks to Randy for these additional MIDI file links:



Gun Games Driving Games Other Games No Tape Mysteries

Thanks again to...

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