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Pinball Expo 2005 ran from November 17th to November 20th, 2005 at the O'Hare Wyndham Hotel in Chicago. Below are some video clips from the show.   If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, please let me know.  You may freely copy and distribute these video files in accordance with the terms of this Creative Commons license.

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The Pinball Circus Big Bang Bar Game Tour Aaron Spelling

About the Video Files

For each video selection, there are a number of files to choose from.  The video content of all of the different files will be identical.  The only differences are the file size and video resolution of the images.  Just click on one of the video file links and the file will be automatically downloaded and it will begin to play.  In most cases, the video will not begin to play until the entire file has been downloaded, and since some of these files are very large, there could be a significant delay before anything appears to happen.  You may instead wish to save the file on your own computer and then play the video from the local file that you have just downloaded.  To save any of the video files locally, right-click on the video file link, and select "Save link as..." (Firefox/Mozilla) or "Save Target as..." (Internet Explorer). 

Here is a breakdown of the video file types on this page:

Low-bandwidth video (smallest file size, lowest video quality)
Windows WMV format multimedia file.  428x240 window size, stereo audio, 300kbps data rate.
High-bandwidth video (large file size, excellent video quality)
Windows WMV format multimedia file, 854x480 window size, stereo audio,  1000 kbps data rate.
HiDef video WMV (very large file size, high-resolution video quality)
Windows WMV format multimedia file, 1280x720 window size, stereo audio, 5000 kbps video data rate.

The Low-bandwidth and High-bandwidth files should play with no problems on most modern PCs.  Older PCs may lack the CPU power to play the High-bandwidth files without stuttering, dropped frames or other artifacts.  The HiDef files require a very fast PC with the latest Windows Media Player software in order to function properly.  The files are HDTV-resolution and the picture quality (depending on the video player) has the potential to be better-than-DVD quality.  



The Pinball Circus

One of only two existing games was brought to Expo 05 for free play during the show.  This unique multi-level game was designed by Python Anghelo in 1994, but was never produced beyond two prototypes.  The other extant game is believed to be in Germany.
Run time: 4:30

 Windows WMV Video Files File Size
  Low-bandwidth video   10.0 Mbytes
  High-bandwidth video   33.57 Mbytes
  HiDef video (Windows WMV)   180 Mbytes


Big Bang Bar

Here's one of the few original Capcom Big Bang Bar pinball machines, which was set up for play (at $1 a game) at Expo 05.  There was a "fireside chat" at Expo featuring Big Bang Bar designer Rob Morrison and artist Stan Fukuoka where they discussed the lengthy design process of the game and showed a number of early renderings of the artwork.  One early theme for the game: Biker Babes from Mars!   
Run time: 2:17

 Windows WMV Video Files File Size
  Low-bandwidth video   5.0 Mbytes
  High-bandwidth video   16.8 Mbytes
  HiDef video (Windows WMV)   82 Mbytes



Here's a quick tour through the aisles at Expo.  Starting out at the row of NASCARs used for the tournament, we check out some nice EM games in the vendor room and then walk through the aisles.  Check out the awesome lucky save on the Banzai Run.  
Run time: 4:56

 Windows WMV Video Files File Size
  Low-bandwidth video   10.8 Mbytes
  High-bandwidth video   36.2 Mbytes
  HiDef video (Windows WMV)   180 Mbytes


Aaron Spelling

Here at Expo was one of the the two custom-made Aaron Spelling pinball machines.  According to the IPDB, the game was a gift from producer Aaron Spelling's wife Candy.  The Spelling family is featured on the backglass and playfield.  Unfortunately, the video does not include the precious moment when the Tori Spelling target is hit and she say "I love you daddy."
Run time: 55 seconds

 Windows WMV Video Files File Size
  Low-bandwidth video   2.06 Mbytes
  High-bandwidth video   6.86 Mbytes
  HiDef video (Windows WMV)   32 Mbytes


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