Juke Boxes

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It's a Seeburg M100-C from 1952.  It plays 100 45rpm selections.  This one is all original and in working condition.  It needs some cleanup, electronic work and minor restoration to bring it up to top shape.

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The "C" was the only Seeburg jukebox with these rotating colors in the pillars.  Later models would have even more chrome and eventually stereophonic sound.

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This model was very popular, and approximately 50,000 of them were built.  The M100 series introduced 100 selection 45 rpm play, which became the industry standard for many years.

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This one will be kept as original as possible.  All of the chrome and glass is in great shape.  The plastic pilasters and chrome tubes are in perfect original condition.  The sides, which are usually shot, are in very nice original condition.  You often see these with (fake or real) wood trim on the frame around the top, but as you can see here, that is not how they were originally made.  So next time you see an over-chromed, wrap-around burl walnut job, you can admire the workmanship - but it ain't a restoration.

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