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Thanks for visiting my gameroom on the web.  As time permits, I'll add pictures and other information about some of the games that I have in my collection.  If you have any comments, please let me know.

Click on any of the pictures below to jump to a page full of information on the selected game.  The list of games below is in the order that they were added to the web site - newer items on top.  The list of games at the left is sorted alphabetically.


   Platinum Boardwalk Edition

Monopoly was the first pinball machine from Stern Pinball to be designed by Pat Lawlor and his team at PLD.  A special "Platinum" edition of 40 games was made - one for each property on a Monopoly game board.  The Boardwalk game was auctioned on eBay with most of the proceeds going to charity.



Hi-Deal is a Bally single-player add-a-ball game from 1975.  The theme is the unlikely combination of King Kong and playing cards.


   Terminator 3
    Rise of the Machines

June 2003 was the first production run of Stern's Terminator 3 pinball machine.  I got one of Pinball Sales' special chromed and autographed editions in July, 2003.


   The Amazing

In September 2002 I restored a 1980 Gottlieb Spider-Man pinball machine.  It has a new repro backglass and a re-lacquered playfield.


   Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden is a Stern wide-body Solid State game from 1981.  It's got dual backglasses with artwork sure to arouse pubescent pinball players everywhere.


   Miss Annabelle

In 1959 Gottlieb made this single-player game near the end of the woodrail period.  It's got beautiful oak side rails and backbox frame, but steel legs.  It's also the first Gottlieb that keeps track of score with number reels instead of backlit numbers.


   Rock Star

Here is a very nice Gottlieb Rock Star.  It's a single-player EM from 1978.  According to the Mr. Pinball list, it is the last add-a-ball made by Gottlieb.


   Spirit of '76

Not from Gottlieb, but from Mirco.  It's been said that you can tell the pioneers by the arrows in their backs, and that sure applies here.  Mirco's Spirit of '76 was the first microprocessor- controlled pinball machine, but because of its ugly graphics and boring game play it remains under-appreciated and unloved.


   Star Wars: 
   Episode 1

SW:E1 was the last pinball machine made by Williams, and the second built on the Pinbal2000 platform.  About 5000 were built until production was halted in November of 1999.


   Bow & Arrow
   SS Prototype

Back in the mid-70's Bally converted a handful of electromechanical Bow & Arrow pinball machines to solid-state electronics.  Here are some pictures of the internals of one of them.


Gene Cunningham Auction

Renown pinball collector Gene Cunningham held an auction in May, 2001 where he sold hundreds of games from his personal collection.  

Here are some pictures taken at the auction.


Bally Star Trek Cabinet Restoration

Here is my first attempt at restoring and repainting a pinball cabinet.  I created a set of stencils that match the factory pattern and used them to restore this well-worn cabinet.

The machine was seen at the 2002 Allentown Pinball Wizard's Convention.  

These stencils are now available for sale from Pinball Pal.



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